Wallenius Shipping Shipmanagement

Ship management

Ship management by Wallenius Marine offers the lowest total cost over a vessel’s life-time maintaining the value of your assets. We operate your vessel safely, reliably and timely always focusing on both cost and energy.

Our unique service offer is made possible by our uniform way of working, build on best-practice and continuous improvement. Also contributing is our centralised management, digital support systems and our pro-active and predictive maintenance model considering criticality and Life Cycle Management.


The fleet we manage for WWL ASA is run with in-house technical and crewing management in Sweden and in Singapore under the responsibility of Wallenius Marine. With a long-term approach – from cradle to recycling – we develop systems and processes that radically increase fleet energy efficiency. A strong focus on safety, security and healthy working conditions contribute to Wallenius Marine being known as one of the best employers in the industry. To ensure that marine officer's education remains on a high quality level, we support the Maritime schools in Sweden, Singapore and the Philippines.