ES Orcelle

An environmental frontrunner

Wallenius Marine's structured environmental work started already in 1996 with a vision to operate zero-emission vessels in the future. Since then, we have followed a clear upstream solution strategy to act on the source of emission and not solve one problem by creating another problem.

We have identified five main areas to focus on: carbon dioxide, sulphur content in fuels, nitrogen dioxides, toxic anti-fouling and ballast water treatment. By setting our own tough targets and taking small steps in the right direction, we have managed to put workable solutions in place for several of our focus areas. Often way ahead of laws and regulations.

Our environmental focus is ongoing and never-ending. We don't wait for the optimal solution, we tackle the problems and we never let ourselves get stuck in dead ends. By allying with the right partners we are convinced that we will operate zero-emission vessels in the future.


Environmental Policy

Wallenius Marine recognizes that our business, shipping and logistics, has an environmental impact.
We shall be a leader in our industry in reducing our environmental footprint.

We take active measures to reduce our environmental effects and our use of natural resources. Focus lies on being energy efficient, emissions, ballast water and antifouling. Our philosophy is based on upstream solutions which mean that we work to prevent the origin of pollution. Continuous improvements are fundamental for our environmental work.

We are committed to comply with both national and international environmental rules, regulations and other requirements, but also comply with our own internal requirements which go way beyond external requirements. Our targets are ambitious but fully achievable.

We encourage suppliers, customers and other business partners and stakeholders to reduce their environmental impact.

As our co-workers play a very important role when it comes to our environmental work, we increase environmental awareness through training and communication of our Environmental Policy and Program to all co-workers.


Our vision 

For Wallenius Shipping, together with our partners and subsidiaries, the vision of an emission free shipping industry in the future is a source of motivation in all of our current and on-going environmental projects, as well as it being part of our ultimate goal.

The E/S ORCELLE was designed as a concept vessel in 2005 to visualise our driving force towards a completely sustainable vessel. Since then the first steps towards the vision has been taken and a number of R&D-projects have been accomplished covering a broad spectrum of areas.

During 2009 a project was carried out with the aim to stake out the road to the emission free ship. The project was called Zero Emission Roro – ZERO.