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ZERO - the roadmap to emission free vessels

In 2009, a feasibility study was carried out with the aim to concretize a roadmap to our real future emissio
free vessels. The focus was on energy consumption, energy carriers and emissions to the atmosphere.

As a basis for the roadmap an analysis of Wallenius Shipping’s present ships was made together with a thorough inventory of new technology and R&D that may be of interest for the future emission free vessels. The result was assembled in a register containing to date some 50 areas of technology. Each technology was assessed against the needs of the emission free vessels and in all areas recommendations on the way forward were made.

Two emission free vessel concepts were produced in order to integrate, demonstrate and visualize the consequences of new emission free technology. The purpose with the concepts was to validate the technology that is proposed in the roadmap on a total ship systems level and to check that an emission free ship really is achievable.

The road map clearly points out that the vision of the emission free vessel is realistic. The point of time is a question not only of the development of technology but also of the advance of economy, infrastructure, laws, freight market, etc. It should be pointed out that it is quite possible to build an emission free vessel today, with existing technology, though it would not be economically feasible on the shipping market of today.

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ZERO - the roadmap to emission free vessels

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