Well attended seminar at Wallenius in Stockholm

Parametric Roll

A seminar on ”PCTC vulnerability to parametric rolling” was arranged at Wallenius Head Office on November 2 with invited participants from Wallenius, WWL and Wilh. Wilhelmsen. The main objective was to share the knowledge and experience gained from the last six years’ focused research that have been conducted as a joint effort by KTH, Wallenius Marine and Seaware/StormGeo within the research program Ship Dynamics, a program partly financed by the Swedish Mercantile Marine Foundation and the Swedish Maritime Administration.

There were four presentations at the seminar:

Mikael Huss, Innovation and Development Manager at Wallenius Marine presented a brief summary of what Wallenius has done to improve our stability management.

Anders Rosén, Docent at KTH, presented the research program and ongoing rule development in this field within IMO.

Anders Sjule who has made his MSc Thesis within the research program, presented his experience from applying the new tentative IMO rules on Wallenius car carriers.

Finally, Carl-Johan Söder, Design Manager for hydrodynamic and stability at Wallenius Marine presented how the research has been incorporated in the design of the latest generation of car carries. Following the presentations there were questions and discussions related to both operative measures and design.