Sustainable shipping world wide

Wallenius Marine offers highest quality ship management and state-of-the-art ship designs

To us, global environmental sustainability is as important as operational and financial sustainability. Our efforts result in our customers being best-in-class for availability and performance.

Our unchallenged design department develops new vessel types in line with shipowner requirements of today and the harder set IMO regulations of tomorrow.

To maintain sustainability throughout vessel lifetime, we:

  • design
  • build
  • crew
  • manage and
  • carefully recycle.

During our long and successful history, we have developed and fine-tuned our routines, safety levels, systems, and ways of working to become the most reliable partner within the shipping industry. Our industry reputation and network is second to none.

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Leading the way towards truly sustainable shipping

Sustainability Award 2018

Sustainability, and with extra focus on environmental sustainability, have always been a key cornerstone for Wallenius Marine and the company group Soya Group.

In many ways we have been front runners for the development of a more sustainable shipping environment, having taken responsibility in eliminating harmful substances long before regulations have been made.

In November 2018, we were awarded with the Swedish Confederation of Transport Enterprises’ Sustainability Award 2018 – a true proof of what we do is both important and necessary.