Towards emission-free shipping at the Transport Forum

Carl Fagergren


When Carl Fagergren showed Wallenius Marine's roadmap towards emission-free shipping at the Transport Forum, he was struck by how the attitude in the industry has changed in a short period of time.
"At the beginning of the 2010s, we were basically the only one talking about emission-free shipping, but now it is few or no one that think this is strange or unreachable. Almost everyone have this goal, even Sweden as a country, "says Carl Fagergren, referring to the Minister of Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth, who in his introduction speech addresses how shipping is an important player when Sweden are to become the world's first fossil-free welfare country.

With 82 different parallel sessions, Transportforum in Linköping 10-11 January 2018 attracted over 1600 participants.