Sustainable shipping

We are constantly aiming to reduce our footprints. Our complete service offering from design to recycling makes it possible to become sustainable in all aspects and in all stages of the lifecycle.

Truly sustainable shipping

We believe that sustainable shipping should not leave a negative mark on the environment or on humans, and provide a reasonable economic return. Environmental challenges must be solved at the source without causing new problems, what we call upstream solutions. To achieve our goal of zero emissions, we have the roadmap ZERO (Zero Emission RoRo) as well as extensive work with digitization, sustaintech and strategic partnerships.

Reducing our footprint

Our journey towards truly sustainable shipping never ends. We keep improving all areas within our business, and here are a few examples of what we do to reduce our footprint:

  • Groundbreaking ship designs
    The wind helped us discover our planet – now it can help us preserve it. In a partnership with KTH and SSPA, we are designing wind powered vessels in the concept Oceanbird. An Oceanbird vessel will release 90 percent less emissions than the most energy efficient vessel today. Follow the process in our blog.
  • Digitalisation reduces fuel consumption
    Monitoring performance have enabled us to decrease fuel consumption with 40 000 tonnes over four years. We have advanced IT services for engine performance follow up and optimizing of trim, draft and voyage planning.
  • Stopping the spread of invasive organisms
    Invasive organisms can travel between the world’s oceans in ships ballast water and biological growth on the hull. Wallenius adapted UV technology to vessels in close collaboration with Alfa Laval in the development of the ballast water purifier PureBallast. To stop the spread through growth on the hull, which also lead to poor energy performance and higher emissions, we have invested in C-Leanship that uses robots to clean a vessel´s hull during a port call.
  • Recycling of vessels
    We have institutionalized processes which ensures that 98 % of the materials is recycled. This enable us to further limit the environmental footprint over the vessels’ lifetime.
  • ISO certified by Lloyd’s Register for ISO9001 and ISO14001.

Our Sustainable Way

Wallenius Marine is proud to be part of the Soya Group, where the core values of pioneering spirit, long-term perspective, quality, environment and social responsibility shape the entire business. Learn more about our initiatives within sustainability – from wind powered ships to electric tractors and sustainable building techniques – on the website

Together with our sister companies, we work with sustainability initiatives connected to all of the UN’s 17 Global Goals.

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