A new fleet support center for reducing emissions in today’s shipping

The fleet support center OVERSEA, developed by ABB and Wallenius Marine, will help shipping companies to reduce emissions, choose better routes and perform more efficient maintenance. OVERSEA is a first-of-its-kind offering that combines fleet management expertise with digitalization and advanced analytics.

Wallenius Marine and global technology company ABB today introduced OVERSEA – the maritime industry’s first digital offering and fleet support center available as a service. The two companies have developed OVERSEA to help ship owners, operators and managers to enhance efficiency and sustainability of vessel operations.

Data turns to insight, insights into action

OVERSEA is scalable to meet the needs of shipping companies of all sizes. Data is turned into insights, and insights into actions, which enables vessel crew, onshore co-workers and fleet support center to collaborate on the same data to realize sustainable improvements.

OVERSEA is a part of Wallenius Marine´s strategy to drive transition towards truly sustainable shipping, with focus on today’s shipping industry.

Johan Mattsson
Johan Mattsson, CEO Wallenius Marine

“We talk a lot about innovations that will make us more sustainable in the future, and OVERSEA makes a real difference already today. From our experience, we know that the operation of a vessel has a deep impact on released emissions and fuel consumption,” says Johan Mattsson, CEO Wallenius Marine. “With clear recommendations to the crew, based on data-driven analysis, you are able to significantly reduce both your environmental footprint and fuel cost.”

A pioneering innovation

In OVERSEA, the fleet performance management expertise from Wallenius Marine is combined with ABB’s extensive knowledge in ship technology and software platform.

“ABB is committed to driving shipping decarbonization, and OVERSEA has been developed to further support this target,” said Jyri Jusslin, Head of Service, ABB Marine & Ports. “OVERSEA allows turning insights into actions that can significantly improve the efficiency and sustainability of vessel operations. We are confident that this pioneering innovation will serve as a new standard in fleet and vessel performance optimization.”


Read more about OVERSEA at ABB.com/OVERSEA

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