A new era in the vessel industry

TITUS is significant for the HERO type, which stands for High Efficiency Ro-Ro. The aim from the beginning was to create the most efficient PCTC within the frames set.

Hard to beat efficiency

The design team within Wallenius Marine had high visions and actively stretched targets on lightweight and hull, as well as machinery optimizations. These targets were met, and we can now see that TITUS will be hard to beat in terms of efficiency! It will be very exciting to monitor her everyday performance in service using the well proven systems and methods also developed by Wallenius Marine.

First PCTC vessel in Xingang

TITUS is now in the good hands of Captain Ulf Mårderyd and Chief Engineer Klas Söderberg who together with Chief Officer Urban Wahlström, Second Engineer Ulf Söderberg and Electrician Ali Ravelo – all crew members of Wallenius Marine, have been working on site for several months and giving their big and important support to our Site supervision team.

This vessel was the first PCTC ever built in Xingang and our Site supervision team, with Site Manager Peter Johansson, played an important role there keeping the teams motivated and on track. The teams have worked hard and patiently, always with the aim of building high quality and excellent working vessels while supporting the Chinese shipyard with their extensive experience and knowledge.