Three quick questions to Carl-Johan Söder, Design Manager Wallenius Marine

The vision of sailing emission-free vessels has been embraced by the whole Swedish shipping industry, as well as the rest of the world. We asked Carl-Johan Söder, Design Manager Wallenius Marine, three quick questions on the subject.

1. Is it important for the shipping industry to lower its emissions?

“It’s important for all segments of the transportation business to lower emissions. Relatively speaking, shipping is a very effective means of transportation considering, for example, carbon dioxide emissions per transported tonne of cargo. However, we can all do more – a reduction of emissions is always a reduction of emissions.”

 2. How actively is the shipping industry working today towards developing emission-free vessels?

 “We see some progress in short sea transportation and on shorter routes. A number of actors are trying out power drive and hybrids of different capacities. It’s a slower development for ocean transport, but an increasing number of serious actors are considering wind-assisted propulsion.”

3. Is Wallenius Marine considering something similar?

“We have a long history of being front-runners and have no intention to stop being so. We look at several options for cost-effective and environmentally sustainable future vessel designs, and we evaluate different sources of energy focusing on fossil-free energy.”


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