Wallenius Marine, Hero, roro, Xingang

What makes our newest RoRo design special?

Our newest design, the HERO (High efficience RoRo) vessel set sail in June. m/v Titus was the first Pure Car and Truck Carrier ever built at the shipyard CSIC Xingang. All from the design phase, to pre-contract stage and to delivery, we supervised the project and made it real.

So what makes this new series RoRo stand out?

1.       The HERO class is aimed at reducing energy consumption by significantly improving the cargo to ballast ratio.

2.       Increased beam provides better stability and less need for ballast water.

3.       The main engine is low-load tuned for lower fuel consumption.

4.       The hull is optimized for best performance in the speed range 16-18 knots, but with capacity for 20 knots.

5.       Fitted with a shaft generator of permanent magnet type.

6.       Two pillar cargo deck and wire operated deck panels allow for ultimate cargo flexibility.

We are currently on site in China, supervising the building of three more HERO vessels.