Why does the government invest in sailing vessels?

“This is definitely one of the most promising projects that we have funded” says Rein Jüriado, Chief Strategist at the Swedish Transport Administration.

The Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) are responsible for the long-term planning of the transport system. Therefore, the government agency have invested about 27 million Swedish crowns in the development of our concept wind-Powered Car Carrier, also known as wPCC. The three-year development project that Trafikverket have invested in started earlier this year, in the beginning of 2019. It will continue to 2022, with Wallenius Marine as project coordinator. Besides from Wallenius Marine, the grants goes to our partners in this project: SSPA and KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

“If these kinds of wind powered ships would become common in the industry, it would be a big step ahead for making the maritime sector fossil free. This is definitely one of the most promising project that we have funded. I think the consortium behind the project is a good guarantee that this will be a successful project” says Rein Jüriado.



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