Are you prepared to meet the new IMO sulphur regulations?

2020 is approaching and along with it the new IMO sulphur regulations. The IMO strategy to mitigate climate change may seem daunting to some – but is worrying justified?

Are you thinking sustainably? Well, it’s certainly time to! The robust new IMO sulphur regulations is due to come into force in 2020. The strategy to reduce climate change might be frightening for some, but this is not a cause for concern at Wallenius Marine.

One step ahead towards becoming emission-free

Wallenius Marine is already one step ahead and has made significant progress in reducing sulphur emissions since the late 1990’s. We also have advanced plans to reduce CO2, and even becoming totally emission-free.

“We welcome the new regulations with open arms – change has to happen on a global scale in order to protect the environment and ensure sustainable shipping”, says Per Tunell, Vice President and COO.

Already a lot of progress has been made in this area, with improving output of CO2, NOx and SOx, as well as ballast water treatment. From 2005 to 2013, Wallenius Marine has reduced our CO2 emissions by 21 percent.

“Reducing SO2, NOx and CO2 separately will continue to be vital in order to reach our goals and meet the new regulations. Improving vessel efficiency will also facilitate moving towards cleaner energy sources – both because they may potentially be more expensive, but also since there could be challenges with availability in larger quantities”, Per continues.

Scrubbers or low-sulphur fuel – which is the better choice?

So, what is the best way to actually meet the IMO 2020 sulphur regulation? One solution, open-loop scrubbers, has already been restricted by Belgium and Germany for example, and more countries may follow suit.

To dig further into this we asked four stakeholders for their view on how to handle the upcoming stricter sulphur emission regulations. Can scrubbers do the trick? Or is low-sulphur fuel the better choice? Download our guide “Thinking sustainably? Scrubbers vs low-sulphur fuel” to get the answers!

Want to read more? Download our guide Thinking sustainably? Scrubbers vs Low-Sulphur Fuel The new IMO sulphur regulation is due to come into force in 2020 which to some seem daunting. We asked a number of stakeholders for their view on how to handle sulphur emissions. Download guide <>