A “home away from home” got her name

Christening a ship is a naval tradition dating back thousands of years. In September 2018, we had the honour of christening m/v TITUS, our latest newbuilding.

TITUS is a HERO (High Efficiency RoRo) vessel and the first of four, designed and let built for Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean. Ship Designers, Superintendants and Site Managers within Wallenius Marine have been involved throughout the entire process.

God mother is Margareta Wallenius-Kleberg

CEO of Wallenius Marine, Jonas Kleberg, and god mother Margareta Wallenius-Kleberg gave speeches during the ceremony. They  stressed some of the core values within Wallenius Marine; such as the importance of caring for the environment as well as for the crowd onboard. Thereafter, Margareta gave the high capacity vessel her name and wished her safe journeys by throwing a bottle of champagne at the vessel. The bottle was covered in netting to avoid glass from falling into the ocean.

A home away from home

Margareta Wallenius-Kleberg, or “Mother Margareta” as she is called among the crew, have hung over 200 pieces of art onboard the vessel. Margareta has been part of the the interior decoration of the Wallenius ships for fifty years. A tradition very much appreciated by the crew onboard the vessels managed by Wallenius Marine. Her wish is for the crew to have “a home away from home”.

What makes HERO stand out?

  1.  The HERO class is reducing energy consumption by significantly improving the cargo to ballast ratio.
  2. Increased beam provides better stability and less need for ballast water.
  3. The main engine is low-load tuned for lower fuel consumption.
  4. The hull is optimized for best performance in the speed range 16-18 knots, but with capacity for 20 knots.
  5.  Fitted with a shaft generator of permanent magnet type.
  6. Two pillar cargo deck and wire operated deck panels allow for ultimate cargo flexibility.
  7. This vessel was the first PCTC ever built in Xingang.


Wallenius Marine OW flag

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