Our services

Wallenius Marine offers a complete and sustainable shipping service – from innovative design and newbuilding to ship management. We always take on a long-term perspective, and our integrated way of working, where operational feedback is used to optimize the design and enhance performance, goes into next generation of vessels.


monitor, evaluate and manage the technical performance

Ship management

At Wallenius Marine, we strive to maximize the potential of every vessel under our management. Our model has proven to result in outstanding 98% availability for all vessels.

Ship design & newbuilding

Stricter regulations on emissions create the need for inventive solutions and new types of ships. We have been frontrunners for more than two decades, often meeting the IMO regulations already before they enter into force.

Performance management

Using advanced statistical methods, data from onboard sensors is analysed and the output from the analysis serves as key decision-making support, whether it concerns saving fuel or navigating through stormy weather.

Insurance & Legal

Full service insurance provider, registered insurance broker, claims handling and validation of insurance documentation.

Onboard IT infrastructure

Wallenius Marine IT

We offer a cost efficient solution to provide and manage the entire IT infrastructure onboard the vessels via remote administration, requiring a minimum of working time on spot.