Onboard IT infrastructure

IT & System Support

We offer a cost efficient solution to provide and manage the entire IT infrastructure onboard the vessels via remote administration, requiring a minimum of working time on spot.

Land administrated
onboard IT infrastructure

No matter where in the world our customers’ vessels are located at the moment, our IT & System Support service covers them. All user administration, authorizations, permissions etc., as well as all continuous support to crew and vessels, are provided via remote administration from land. Software installations and updates are managed only once and then automatically deployed on any number of vessels simultaneously.

High availability and security

Virtualization enables redundancy and dynamic resource allocation for onboard IT systems. We offer a custom-made file replication solution between vessel and shore and we can also handle slow or even unavailable VSAT connection.

Standardized platform

We have long experience of working with different fleet management systems, such as Star, ABS and BASS and our worldwide service agreements guarantees a safe and reliable operation. Remote installations, updates and support create an easy accessed platform for new systems and software, which reduce cost by less travel, wait-time, working time on board, etc. New software is always tested and approved by the customer, before distributed for installation on the vessels. Software patching and Windows updates are handled automatically and transferred by smart compression technique.