Ship Design

We create groundbreaking ship designs that meets the standards of tomorrow.

Future ship designs today

Ship design is where it all happens. The first drawings that may change the whole world. Despite being our most efficient form of transport, shipping still leave a considerable environmental footprint. Therefore, we have the environmental impact and energy efficiency as our highest priorities when we design new vessels.

We provide expertise and service throughout the design phase and stay on site during the entire building phase. Our goal is to create ship design that will meet the standards of tomorrow concerning efficiency and emission control. To achieve this, our designers and developers work close together with the shipowner, partners, the shipyard, performance management and other teams within Wallenius Marine.

Ship design services

  • Feasability studies – Detecting and evaluating customer needs, design concept, technical studies and more.
  • Pre-contract & Basic design – Shipyard evaluations, negotiations and project specifications etc.
  • Project Management – Shipowner’s representative towards shipyard and on site etc.
  • Design Validation – Specification clarifications, rules verification, tests and trials and more.
  • Site Supervision – Manning of site office, building inspections, sea trial and more.

Ship designs for today and tomorrow

m/v TITUS Wallenius Marine


HERO combines innovative design and new technology to get highly efficient post-Panamax vessels.

World's first LNG PCTC Wallenius Marine

Multi-fuel vessels

LNG and multifuel engines is an important step on the way towards emission free shipping

The Oceanbird concept

Vessels with wind propulsion

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