monitor, evaluate and manage the technical performance

Ship management

At Wallenius Marine, we strive to maximize the potential of every vessel under our management. Our model has proven to result in outstanding 98% availability for all vessels.

Reducing costs while maintaining
high-quality standards

Experience and our uniform way of working let us avoid costly off-hire time. Attentive monitoring of each vessel contributes to preserve vessel value throughout its lifetime. We manage to let them operate with highest safety for longer periods.

Documentation and working processes within our operations are efficient and lean. The exact same set of documents and routines are available both at sea and on land.

Services within Ship Management

Performance management

Data from onboard systems is automatically collected and analyzed using advanced models. Our shore performance team use the resulting insights to provide key decision-support, whether it concerns saving fuel or improving safety and reliability in our vessel operations.

Crew management

Wallenius Marine has a solid and extensive experience manning vessels with seafarers from all over the world.

Technical management

By attentively monitoring, evaluating and managing the technical performance of each vessel under our Ship Management regime, we can successfully carry out out cost-saving and efficiency increasing improvements.

Procurement management

Lean administration from requirement to delivery through our worldwide network of logistics partners provide customers with excellent services.


availability for all the vessels we manage, concerning planned and unplanned off-hire


Less than 3% budget deviation

30 000

Tonnes saved fuel during three years