Procurement management

Lean administration from requirement to delivery through our worldwide network of logistics partners provide customers with excellent services.

Full cost-control from requirement
to delivery

Together with our logistics partners, we create a reliable and efficient procurement chain. We have favorable fleet agreements with major national and global suppliers giving reliability and cost control.

Our own warehouse facility in Bremerhaven guarantees access to critical spare parts for both daily deliveries as well as long term storage, our other appointed warehouses handle short term transit deliveries.

Our procurement scope of operation includes but not limited to following: Provision, Store, Spare part, Lubricant, Chemical, Paint and New Building initial setup.

All invoices are handled efficiently and electronically. We have competence and experience of working with different procurement and fleet management systems such as STAR and BASS. Our electronic trading through ShipServ portal sustenance paperless environment, saving time and money.

Chief Engineer m/v Patriot says:

You have made the purchasing part of this job the easiest I have seen in my years as sailing chief engineer.