Technical management

By attentively monitoring, evaluating and managing the technical performance of each vessel under our Ship Management regime, we can successfully carry out out cost-saving and efficiency increasing improvements.

For safe and cost efficient operations

Our technical management team provide safe and cost efficient operations resulting in minimized off-hire and maximized availability, thanks to:

  • Systematic and advanced monitoring and evaluation of vessel performance
  • Regular onboard visits to confirm the vessels maintenance status, technical standard and compliance with legislations
  • Uniform way of working, ensured by our fleet management system, BASS
  • Support systems for optimized voyage performance

Condition based maintenance

Through continuous monitoring, we can help ship owners optimize when it is most efficient to do maintenance. For example, we can detect trends in additional resistance over time from fouling on hull & propeller or create the optimal scheme for maintenance on the main engine. As the first company, we have Lloyd’s Register approval regarding this. Condition based maintenance also secures safe operation and optimized handling of spare parts.

Performance monitoring & analyzing regime

Based on high-frequency data collection from on-board systems, our performance monitoring system is tailor-made to support business needs. We monitor our performance to set best practices in the fleet but also to find new, more efficient ways of working. This leads to a highly efficient technical operation of the vessels in the fleet.

Energy efficiency measures

We constantly seek new ways of reducing energy consumption. One example of how we work within this area is replacement of rudders on two vessels: MANON and MIGNON, owned by WWL ASA and managed by Wallenius Marine. The full spade rudders were replaced with high efficiency flap rudders with twisted leading edge, resulting in an estimated saving of approximately 500 mt HFO per year, which is around 4 %. Also, through the monitoring system, we can see that these vessels have a better performance than baseline after dockings.

We have reduced fleet wide boiler fuel oil consumption by 50% (from 5,000 tons to 2,500 tons) on the 25 vessels we manage for WWL ASA. This has been achieved by in house developed technical measures in combination with improved operational procedures.

Dry-docking & repair

We offer a full service regarding dry-dockings and other repair and modification works including:

  • Yard assessment, ensuring safe, reliable and efficient shipyard partners
  • Preparation of yard specifications using docking module in BASS, our Fleet Management System
  • Managing dry-dockings with highly experienced superintendents
  • Detailed follow up (technical & financial) including yard performance


  • Advisory services in different type of lay-ups and green recycling
  • Surveys and Inspections in connection to technical assessments and docking/sales/purchase surveys
  • Modifications in new design
  • New installations of ballast treatment plant

How's your technical management doing? Fully optimized or room for improvement?

I am Göran Söderdahl, Senior Commercial Manager at Wallenius Marine. Let us talk about how your business can become more cost efficient and yet maintain a high-quality standard.