Wallenius Marine IT

Shipping is like no other business. Your company consists of a fleet of floating offices and your IT infrastructure has to work the same everywhere, regardless of where you are heading.

Wallenius Marine IT service are built on the philosophy that ships are floating offices.

It doesn’t matter where a global bank has an office, IT infrastructure has to be equally accessible, robust, and secure everywhere. It’s the same on a ship. That’s why we are always able to monitor and update everything remotely. We only use standard solutions that are compatible with every existing ship management system. But naturally every aspect is optimized and customized together with you to ensure that it works perfectly for your unique conditions.

This approach has been developed, tested, and proven in the fleet we manage.

Partnerships without borders

Business has no borders. Of course, this is sort of a cliché, but at sea it’s more true than anywhere else. It’s in our DNA not to build borders. We want things to be simple and straightforward, the world is complicated enough anyway. The best results come when you care for the people you work with. When you take time to get to know each other you form partnerships. And when you’re partners, you don’t keep secrets from each other. In our partnerships we believe in openness, transparency and simplicity. We think that’s where the true strength of a collaboration comes from.

Standardized platform for Marine IT

We offer a custom-made file replication solution between vessel and shore and we can also handle slow or even unavailable VSAT connection. Our long experience of working with different fleet management systems, such as Star, ABS and BASS and our worldwide service agreements, guarantees a safe and reliable operation.

Remote installations, updates and support create an easy accessed platform for new systems and software, which reduce cost by less travel, wait-time, working time on board, etc. Of course, we always test new software thoroughly before we install it on the vessels. We handle software patching and Windows updates automatically and transfer them by smart compression technique.

Services within Wallenius Marine IT

WM SAT Communication at Sea

We understand the challenges of business and crew SAT communications at sea. In this area, it is not “one size fits all”. Whatever your needs might be, our comprehensive portfolio with antennas and airtime enables us to provide a cost efficient, safe and flexible solution.

WM IT Platform

WM IT Platform is an easy accessed platform which reduces cost since standardization enables less travels, minimum working time on board, increased cost control etc. We provide advanced cyber security that ensures compliance to demands on securing data.

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