WM IT Platform

WM IT Platform is an easy accessed platform which reduces cost since standardization enables less travels, minimum working time on board, increased cost control etc. We provide advanced cyber security that ensures compliance to demands on securing data.

Central administration

Managed software installations and updates packaged once and automatically deploy on any number of vessels. Centralized handling applies to creating and administrate users, authorization, permissions etc. Thanks to the remote support, you don’t have to wait for the vessel to come to port before implementation of necessary measures.

High availability

Virtualization enables redundancy and dynamic resource allocation for onboard IT systems. WM IT Platform also contains backup to local storage system and synchronization of data to servers ashore. It is prepared for integration to marine systems, such as automation system or bridge system. Read more about data driven decisions at Performance Management.

Ready for changes

If you want to install new software, Wallenius Marine IT will test it for you before installing it on the vessels. Software installations and Windows updates are handled automatically and new Client PCs are automatically installed and configured on vessel.

Cyber Security

In the same manner that you protect the operation and safety of the vessel with tools like fire-extinguishers and lifeboats, we protect the data with tools like firewalls and access control systems. Wallenius Marine IT fulfill Lloyd’s demands for cyber security. The advanced security system protects network, server and clients from malware, virus and other intruders.

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